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i have been and always will be, [info]spacetrash [23 Jul 2025|02:37pm]

🇺🇸 🌟 🔮 💚 🕶️ 😈 🌶️ 🕸️ 💀 🐍

▸ frank and bucky hanging out and being murder bros
▸ tony hosts bruce's bachelor party (spoiler alert: they play D&D)
▸ something with kid loki. i need to find a way to make him useful.
▸ chuck staying with steve and bucky while bruce and nat are on their honeymoon
▸ hulk and thor bffs4lyfe
▸ genderswap. a magic spell. hilariousness ensues.
▸ more with iron lad in the upside down universe
▸ chuck getting to kick butt to save someone somehow
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arthur curry - australian sex god that saves the whales [10 Feb 2018|09:30pm]

australian grad student. volunteers with green peace. currently writing his dissertation on the horribly polluted gotham harbor. breaks lots of hearts. drinks lots of beers. sleeps with older women because he clearly has mommy issues. has your back.
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clark kent - giant dork of a farmboy [10 Feb 2018|06:13pm]

moved from a small town to the big city. currently on a football scholarship but isn't wasting his time at school. majoring in journalism and writing for the student paper. has nice abs and a heart of gold. his mom sends him weekly care packages with homemade treats in them. he shares them with his roommate which is probably one of the only reasons why bruce hasn't changed rooms yet.
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gender swapped shennanigans [08 Jan 2018|04:58pm]

stephen strange knew doors in the sanctum sanctorum didn't just open for no reason at all. something had gotten out. or something was trying to draw him in. either way, just closing the door wouldn't solve the problem. he checked his wards and saw nothing had been tripped. he looked past the doorway. just a dark swirling mass. like in most every empty room in this house. doorways to other dimensions or places. although this one smelt vaguely of rose petals. he set about his research, looking through books, consulting some crystals. there were no answers to be had. there seemed to be an energy pouring out of the open door but nothing malevolent or harmful in anyway. he flipped the pages of a worn book with his finger, reading for hours, until he finally gave up. maybe he'd just go shut the damn thing.

he didn't notice it until he got up to stretch a hand out to reseal the door. the hand in front of him wasn't his hand. it was slender, his hand almost hidden under the sleeve of his robe. "by the crystals of cyndriarr!" he said loudly, but the voice wasn't even his. and even if it had been, this door wasn't closing.

he teleported himself to his bathroom and looked in the mirror. a softly featured face stared back at him. he had encountered it before, that time he'd met stephanie strange from another earth. but this time he looked like that. his phone buzzed and he pulled it out. a text from clint that read simply DUDE WTF??????

and that's when he knew it must not just have been him.
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frank castle - angsty, murdering, dirty boy [25 Nov 2017|11:41am]

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bruce banner - nerdy, sometimes green, boy [23 Oct 2017|03:41pm]


👕 **

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dr stephen strange - stoned, magical, fuck boy [23 Oct 2017|03:28pm]


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steve rogers - good, good shield boy [23 Oct 2017|03:20pm]

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iron lad - genius, time traveling, suit stealing boy [15 Oct 2017|05:17pm]
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peter parker - tiny, adorable, spider boy [25 Aug 2017|10:31pm]
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pepper potts - the best of us all [25 Aug 2017|10:28pm]
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matt murdock - blind, angsty, lawyer boy [22 Aug 2017|09:06pm]
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phil coulson - sweet, not dead boy [09 Aug 2017|10:45pm]
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peter quill - sweet, rowdy space boy [23 Jul 2017|03:22pm]
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loki - tiny, perfect boy [04 May 2017|10:18pm]
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narrative :: bruce :: figuring it out [30 Sep 2016|04:55pm]
bruce finds their names. and then google translate helps him with the rest. he starts seeing the same words over and over. he gets 'the winter soldier' and 'the asset'. which he knows means natasha. he then starts finding medical records. charts. and even though they're in russian and some english he can get the gist. they were doing lots of things to them probably even more than they realized. so many samples. so many tests.

he finds recent files. the attempts to recreate the serum that was used on steve stops. they stop trying to inject people with it. they start trying to create a super soldier from scratch.

multiple attempts fail. years pass. and then...then he sees a number. one that is familiar and he doesn't know why. that number comes up again and again and it's not...a failure. it's a resounding success. something clicks for him and he remembers where he's seen that number before. in chuck's file. she was a number in their system. this is her. this girl wasn't stolen from her home and injected with serum. she was created by them. in a lab. she was born a super soldier.

bruce almost jumps up to go wake up natasha and tell her but his mouth goes dry when he scans down the page and sees 'parent 1' and 'parent 2' with pictures of natasha and bucky under them.

holy fucking shit. charlie is their daughter.
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