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i have been and always will be, [info]spacetrash [23 Jul 2025|02:37pm]

🇺🇸 🌟 🔮 💚 🕶️ 😈 🌶️ 🕸️

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loki - sometimes not even a boy [04 Nov 2017|10:18pm]
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bruce banner - nerdy, sometimes green, boy [23 Oct 2017|03:41pm]

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dr stephen strange - stoned, magical, fuck boy [23 Oct 2017|03:28pm]

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steve rogers - good, good shield boy [23 Oct 2017|03:20pm]

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iron lad - genius, time traveling, suit stealing boy [15 Oct 2017|05:17pm]
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peter parker - tiny, adorable, spider boy [25 Aug 2017|10:31pm]
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pepper potts - the best of us all [25 Aug 2017|10:28pm]
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matt murdock - blind, angsty, lawyer boy [22 Aug 2017|09:06pm]
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phil coulson - sweet, not dead boy [09 Aug 2017|10:45pm]
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peter quill - sweet, rowdy space boy [23 Jul 2017|03:22pm]
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narrative :: bruce :: figuring it out [30 Sep 2016|04:55pm]
bruce finds their names. and then google translate helps him with the rest. he starts seeing the same words over and over. he gets 'the winter soldier' and 'the asset'. which he knows means natasha. he then starts finding medical records. charts. and even though they're in russian and some english he can get the gist. they were doing lots of things to them probably even more than they realized. so many samples. so many tests.

he finds recent files. the attempts to recreate the serum that was used on steve stops. they stop trying to inject people with it. they start trying to create a super soldier from scratch.

multiple attempts fail. years pass. and then...then he sees a number. one that is familiar and he doesn't know why. that number comes up again and again and it's not...a failure. it's a resounding success. something clicks for him and he remembers where he's seen that number before. in chuck's file. she was a number in their system. this is her. this girl wasn't stolen from her home and injected with serum. she was created by them. in a lab. she was born a super soldier.

bruce almost jumps up to go wake up natasha and tell her but his mouth goes dry when he scans down the page and sees 'parent 1' and 'parent 2' with pictures of natasha and bucky under them.

holy fucking shit. charlie is their daughter.
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